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    Bingöl Carpet and Rug

    Bingöl rugs and carpets, produced with the experience and skill of the local people for centuries, are produced using natural wool. In addition to being used in natural colors, wool is colored with root dyes. Sunrise, live animal pictures, plant motifs are transferred to the rug with symmetrical and geometric patterns. Hand woven and produced with natural materials increase the value of rugs in terms of gifts and decoration.

    Kös Thermal Springs

    Kos Thermal Springs (Bingöl Termal Kaplıcaları) is the closest and most important thermal facility to the city center of Bingöl. Thermal water in this spa has been scientifically proven to be

    beneficial in the treatment of bone diseases, tooth decay, stomach and intestine, gout, diabetes, urinary tract, cardiovascular diseases.

    Çır Waterfall

    Çır or Çir Waterfall (Çır Şelalesi) fascinates those who see it, with the water rising from a 100-meter high rock called Çir Taşı, falling from a height of 50 meters, almost dancing. With the spring, a great number of people visit the waterfall every year. Çir Waterfall and its surroundings are covered with wonderful views. Here you can go hiking or picnic in the cool water and take pictures of the unique landscape.

    Fairy Juice Creek

    Having plenty of water in summer since it is fed with snow water Fairy Juice Creek (Peri Suyu) is located in a valley rich in forest assets and natural environmental features. The natural landscape created by the rocky slopes on both sides is not only visually appealing but also attractive for sports such as rock climbing.

    Murat River

    Murat River (Murat Nehri) is one of the most important rivers of Bingöl. The river takes its source from Aladağlar with Bingöl Mountains. Merging with other rivers, it forms the Fırat River, one of the largest and most important rivers of Türkiye and the World. In the river in recent years rafting has also been done.

    Sunrise in Karlıova

    The sunrise can be fully watched from the Kale Hill of the Bingöl Mountains with an altitude of 3,250 meters in Karlıova district. Karlıova is the only place other than the Swiss Alps, where full sunrise can be watched and offers a visual feast especially between July and August.

    Hesarek Ski Center and Paragliding

    The ski resort, in the skirts of Hesarek Mountain in Dikme Village connected to the Bingöl city center, is 34 to Bingöl city center, 40 kilometers from Bingöl Airport. Opened in service in 2016 Hesarek Ski Center on an area of 178 thousand square meters, there are 1700 meters of ski track, chair lift, teleski and baby lift, a 70-bed hotel and social facility. The facility, hosting thousands of visitors during the year, is aimed to serve sports and nature enthusiasts throughout the year with the paragliding activity that has been started recently.