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    Bingöl cuisine relies on flour and animal products because of its climate and its livelihoods being agriculture and animal husbandry. Milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter are found in almost all local recipes. The reason why these products are much more natural and delicious is that they are products of animal husbandry made in clean and wide plateaus.

    And Bingöl also has flower honey whose superior quality, thanks to its untouched mountain areas and rich flora, has been awarded with a worldwide award, has natural and organic highland apples with known taste, special kind of beans, molasses made from mulberry growing in clean nature!

    Bingöl Honey

    Honey obtained from the high altitude, rich flora, clean nature, unspoilt mountains of Bingöl ranked second among 120 countries’ products in Apimondia World Beekeepers Congress in 2017. The quality is considered to be first by many in Türkiye. Bingöl Honey is a very beneficial food for health because it strengthens the body resistance against diseases, heals respiratory diseases, has high vitamin and mineral content, is an alternative to sugar and is organic.

    Bingöl Kavurması

    Bingöl Kavurması (Bingöl Roasting) differs from ordinary meat roasting in that it is made from calves and kids grazing in the clean and natural mountainous areas and plateaus of the province. Baking for a long time with a simple and plain recipe by adding salt, butter and water, roasting becomes a much more delicious and healthy food. Bingöl Kavurması, with the name “Çobantaşı Kavurması (Çobantaşı Roasting)”, received a Geographical Indication in 2017 and was registered as a flavor unique to the city.

    Bingöl Yedisu Bean

    Yedisu Bean is a delicious bean growing thanks to the suitable soil structure, unique to Bingöl. It is also known as “Horoz Bean”. It is mostly consumed in dry form. After harvest, the beans are sold all over the country.

    Sörin (Sorina Pel)

    Sörin is a local dish prepared by rolling thinly rolled doughs, then cutting them into slices and stacking them on a tray, then being baked and dipping garlic yogurt and fried butter. It is also an excellent choice for vegetarians as it does not contain meat.


    Löl, after rolling the yeast dough thinly and in layers; it is made by adding ingredients like cottage cheese, roasting, parsley and potatoes into it and baking it in the oven as a pastry. This meal is a local flavor that is difficult and laborious to make and is usually made on special occasions such as celebrations, holidays and weddings.


    It is prepared by baking the dough, rolled in hand, in the traditional oven, in the embers of wood fire, then cutting off and removing the top and diluting the local yoghurt “Kurut”, mixing it with garlic and pouring it on Keldoş, and finally sprinkling hot butter. It is also an ideal option for vegetarians.


    It is prepared by adding rice, flour and salt to natural yoghurt, eggs and butter obtained from local livestock. It has a high nutritional value and is suitable for vegetarian preferences.

    Ayran soup

    Wheat is boiled in ayran. Halfmelon, a wild type of mint, is added and this excellent taste is obtained. It is meat-free, has high nutritional value and is a great choice for vegetarians.


    A yellow-flowered, multi-leafed plant belonging to the type of liliaceae is also known by names such as Affodill, “Yellow asphodel”,” Mountain Leek “, “Wild Leek”, “Gülik”, “Güllük”, “Kirkiş Herb”. Because it contains high vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, heals hair and skin problems, and helps the treatment of urinary tract infections. The meal, pastry and tea of Affodill are also made.