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    Kaiser’s crown

    Because of the flowers blooming towards the ground this delicate and beautiful flower, also known as “Crying Bride” or “The Flower of Sorrow”, is an endemic bulbous plant native to the Eastern Anatolia region. It grows naturally in the forest area and at the end of April, with the melting of the snow, it blossoms with 5-6 flowers in shades of orange and adds color to the natural beauty of Bingöl.

    Sülbüs Mountain

    Sülbüs Mountain (Sülbüs Dağı), a volcanic mountain, is located in the northwest of Yayladere district of Bingöl. Its peak, looking like a pointed cone, is always snowy and the mountain attracts those who are interested in mountaineering. Sülbüs Mountain also has diversity in terms of game animals.

    Sülbüs Mountain, with its clean nature, rich flora, wildlife and mountaineering opportunities, offers an undiscovered environment for adventure and nature lovers.

    Every year in the third week of July “Sülbüs Mountain Nature and Culture Festival” is organized and film screenings, mountain climbing competition and concerts are held during the festival.

    Şerafettin Mountain and Plateau

    Located between Karlıova and Solhan districts of Bingöl, the mountain with a height of 2,650 meters is covered with plateaus. Şerafettin Mountain and Plateau (Şerafettin Dağı ve Yaylası), which can be visited in the summer months due to weather conditions, is home to nomads breeding livestock and honey producers. In addition, camping, mountaineering and paragliding are nature and adventure sports in this region.