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  • Bingöl GoTürkiye

    Bingöl, located in the Upper Euphrates of the Eastern Anatolia Region, is a crossroad between the main roads connecting the east and west, north and south of Türkiye. It is a city that appeals to nature lovers with cool plateaus, green mountains with oxygen storage, Yüzen Islands, geography suitable for winter sports and mountain sports, many natural lakes and ponds, recreation areas, cool natural waters, thermal water resources.

    Bingöl reflects the richness of Anatolia in terms of historical values. In the city, dating back to 5000 BCE., there are many works belonging to the periods of Urartu, Assyrian, Hittite, Persian, Byzantine, Roman and after that, Ayyubid, Artuqids, Seljuk and Ottoman.

    There are mountain ranges on all sides of Bingöl, containing many natural beauties, and numerous crater lakes, large and small, on the mountains. It is rumored that the city got its name from these lakes and one of the lakes on Bingöl mountains contains “Adam’s wine”, which immortalizes the one that drinks it.

    With its rich historical and cultural structure, untouched nature Bingöl is waiting to be discovered!