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  • 10 vibes for Bingöl

    like locals

    Yüzen Islands: It consists of three islands that move independently on a completely natural crater lake surrounded by mountains on three sides.

    Sunrise in Karlıova: The sunrise can be fully watched from Kale Hill of Bingöl Mountains, located in Karlıova district, at an altitude of 3,250 meters. Karlıova is the only place except the Swiss Alps where full sunrise can be watched.

    Hesarek Ski Center and Paragliding: Hesarek Ski Center has a 1700-meter ski track, chair lift, teleski and baby lift, a 70-bed hotel and social facility on an area of 178 thousand square meters. It is also possible to do paragliding in the area.

    Buban Fairy Chimneys: Buban Fairy Chimneys, 50 kilometers from the city center, are very important in terms of reflecting the diversity of Bingöl’s natural beauties.

    Zağ Rock Shelter Rooms: It is located on a steep rock, on the banks of the Murat River. The four-storey shelter room carved into the rock can be accessed through a narrow road and steps carved into the rock. In the four-storey Zağ Rock Shelter Rooms, each floor has a different number and size of rooms.

    İsfahan Bey Mosque: The mosque, built by İsfahan Bey in the early 16th century during the Akkoyunlu Period in Bingöl Aşağı Bazaar, is the only historical building in the city center.

    Kral Kızı Castle: It is among the rumors that the Kral Kızı Castle was built by Persian ruler Dara for his daughter in the 7th century BC and Uzun Hasan of Akkoyunlu built for him when he married Despina (or Theodora), the daughter of Trabzon Greek Emperor. Genç district takes its name from this castle, which is also known as “Genç Castle”.

    Vank Church: Vank Church, located on a high hill in Vank hamlet, is thought to be at least 300 years old. In order for the water accumulated on the roof of the church to flow, two gargoyles with lion mouths were placed and the church was given an architectural structure with local characteristics.

    Kiğı Castle: It is also called as Şehitler Castle or Görgeç Castle. Kiğı Castle is thought to be built during the Urartu period. The castle, which also has Byzantine-Ottoman architectural features, is located on a very steep slope from the north and west directions.

    Eskikavak Village Monastery: The history of Eskikavak Village Monastery, also known by the names of Nehre Nazır Saint Virgin or Yüksekteki Saint Virgin, goes back to the 14th century. The monastery has a beautiful view as it was built on a sloping land and there are examples of stonework on cross motifs.